Friday, March 13, 2009

Microsoft Office for Mac

Hey there pps!

check out the latest follow up to the apple mac music video. my new friends at microsoft saw my first video and we decided to make a short film! please check it out!

yay macbu unit. <3

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Film Festival List

Apple Mac Music Video has been making the rounds.
Here's a list of fun film fests/screenings we've had an or going to have. I can't remember them all, but here are the majors so far... I'll update the list as they come or when I have a free moment. =)

AUGUST 1st - Please Vote for the film!!
(AUS) Portable Film Festival -

(USA) Sacramento Music & Film Festival -
(DEN) Bornshorts -

OCTOBER 9th - 16th
(USA) San Diego Asian Film Festival -

NOVEMBER 6 - NYC folks get out there...
(USA) Disposable Film Festival

(USA) NYU Tisch Film/TV Department -
(USA) UC Berkeley New Media & Technology -
(USA) USC Film/TV -
(GER) FHTW Berlin University -
(ARG) ONE DOT ZERO (screenings worldwide)
(USA) CAA Digital Movie of the Week - Creative Artists Agency
(UK) BUG -
(UK) Short & Sweet. -
(Internet) Viral Video Chart -
(Internet) Digg Reel -

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Apple/The Bird & the Bee: Again & Again

Check out the details on the video Thursday 5/15/08 or Friday 5/16/08 to read about how it was made in my first interview!

The Unofficial Apple Weblog



Head nods from one my favorite online trade mags...  
Special thanks to JBeers for helping cover the story.